Debrah Rose is an gifted intuitive, channel, teacher, healer, and spiritual advisor.  She has studied many of the worlds religions, cultures and philosophies.  Along with studies in Numerology, Astrology, Chakara Energy Centers, 7 Rays, Iconography, Astral Travel, Out-of-Body Experiences, Lucid Dreaming, Reiki, Chios, Angels, Ascended Masters, and Soul Transitions at Death and Birth.  She combines her knowledge, skills, intuition, and life experience when assisting her clients. She is dedicated to helping others reach their highest potential.

Debrah Rose is an energy worker, and a Reiki Master practitioner. Doing both hands on and distance healing to both humans and their animal companions.

Debrah Rose does transition work with souls as they are coming into life  and souls that are returning home. She often receives messages from babies in utero and recently passed souls.

Debrah Rose has shared her love of the earth and passion for protecting Gaia and her inhabitants her entire life. She communes with both animals and trees.

Debrah Rose holds the gifts of insight, clarity, empathy, compassion, as well as a deep faith in all that is. She understands that questions do not disappear when you are on your spiritual path, they are an integral part of the path.  When questions arise that you are having difficulty with, Debrah Rose is available to assist you with finding answers.

Debrah Rose is a clear conduit for bringing through information that is specifically for you.