Card Readings via email:

1 Card Readings, via email:  One question/issue, one card draw, reading specific to you and your question will be provided in email.  Brief email follow up, if needed. $20

3 Card Readings, via email: One question/issue, three card draw, providing insight’s specific to you and your question/issue provided via email.  A three card reading can provided more in-depth information relating to your question/issue.  Brief email follow up, in needed. $45

6 Card Readings, via email: General snap shot of the possibilities that the next 6 months will bring to you.  One card drawn for each month, with monthly reading specific to you of the possibilities open you. $60

Phone Readings/Consultation:

Telephone readings, $20/15 minutes.


2 ounce energy clearing sprays, white sage and other botanicals, made on the Equinoxes and Solstices.


For more information or to schedule a reading or consultation email: