Beings of Light, Lady of Light

The energies this month have been intense. With both mercury going retrograde and the powerful solar eclipse building, it comes as no surprise that there have been many shifts in the energy. 

With the retrograde we are in for a lot of re- activities: re-visiting old themes and events or people from our past, re-viewing of every thing, re-placing things, and so on. 

All of the re-‘s have definitely been showing up for me. One of the most welcomed ones came up for me tonight. I have been (again) writing and channeling messages that I share. I draw a card from whatever Oracle deck I’m using and write up the message for the next days ‘Today’s Insight.’ Tonight I had a visit from some old friends. 

I was using the Keepers of Light Oracle deck and drew Sanat Kumara. The message flowed quickly and easily (not always the case). Towards the end, out comes the phrase “All are light beings, all are beings of light!” Along with a joyous laughter, and almost a nudge in my ribs with the comment ‘like how I worked that in to remind you of our past work?’ Indeed I do Sanat, indeed I do. 

In the early to mid-2000’s I found my way back onto my path (it has been a path of many turns, switch backs, etc). I channeled many messages from “The Beings Of Light” using Lady Of Light as my pseudonym. I had a yahoo group (remember those!) where I posted my messages. 

Time passed, events happened, and I drifted along away from my path. I’m back now (and determined not to stray again). Debrah Rose Guidance was born. Lady of Light is still within and it was a welcomed visit, and a joyful re-union with The Beings of Light. 

Enjoy the energies this month, you never know what gift you may find. 

Debrah Rose (Lady of Light) 

August 15-16, 2017

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