Samhain, Halloween, Day of the Dead, 2017

Do you feel it? The winds are blowing, the air feels electric, alive even. ðŸŒ¹

You feel that brush against you, but when you look, no one is close by. 


You think you see someone, but on second glance, no one is there. 


Your dreams may be filled with people that have transitioned, but it’s like they never left in your dream. You may tell them, ‘you’re dead,’ and they will answer, ‘yes, I know.’


Welcome to the enchantment of Samhain-Halloween. The veil is thin now between the worlds, dimensions, anything is possible. 


It is the perfect time to honor loved ones who have transitioned. Remember the loved that you shared, the shared experiences. It is possible to connect with their soul and feel their presence. 


You may see your pets that have transitioned. Laying in a favorite sunny place; on the couch or bed. You may hear their meow or bark in greeting. They too, can take advantage of the thinning veil. 


All hollows eve. The veil will be thin. All you experience will not be the illusion you would believe it to be. 


While the veil is thin, be open to receiving messages from your ancestors, from your guides, from the Gods and Goddesses themselves. Now is the time to use those messages, to do the inner work, as we in the northern hemisphere get ready for the time of darkness, the slumber of winter; enjoying the harvests. It is the perfect time for introspection.


Debrah Rose

31 October 2017


 * Legal Notice: All content © Debrah Rose 2017 all rights reserved. 

Photo by me



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