New Years 2018

New Years is often a time when people are motivated to set intentions, to start good habits and let go of bad habits. You can, of course, do this at any time, but there is a collective energy vibration focused on this on the start of the New Year.


It is a good time to clear things out of your home, releasing those things that you no longer are in need of.


It’s also a good time to clear out on the energetic level, releasing that which no longer serves you.


What do you want to let go of? Any beliefs holding you back? Any habits you want to be done with? Write all the things you want to leave with 2017 and then burn them or shred them.


Another idea is to have a mediation ceremony, before meditating write down your intentions for 2018, place it on your alter (if you have one), or between your candles or incense, and put your energy into it during mediation to activate it.


How ever you choose to honor the turning of the wheel to a new Year, I wish you peace, health, prosperity, and exciting new adventures in 2018!

Debrah Rose

December 31, 2017



* Legal Notice: All content © Debrah Rose 2018 all rights reserved.



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