Birthday Wishes

September 26, 2020

This is what 62 years looks like for a Rose bush putting out its last rose of the season.


It doesn’t compare itself to other roses. It doesn’t worry that roses from younger bushes look better than the rose it puts out.


It just goes about its own business, doing what it knows best. Not caring what other plants think of it, it puts out its beautiful light for all to see, knowing that it will attract what is in resonance with it.


Today I start my 6th decade on this beautiful blue star ship. My 5th decade wasn’t anything like I had planned and even with all the life changing challenges, in retrospect it was good. I aspire to be like this rose bush and regardless of my number of years, I will continue to shine my light, walk with my soul, and enjoy and appreciate each day I am given in this beautiful vessel that has housed my soul for the past 60 years.


For my birthday this day, I wish each and everyone of you to recognize the beauty that you are and to go forth with grace and divine blessings.



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#stepawayfromtheillusion #connectwithyoursoul #evolutionofthesoul


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