Attracting In for 2021

New Years Eve Prep for Attracting In

From Debrah Rose


Write down all the things you would like to attract in 2021. Examples: health, love, positive abundance, new home/job. You can write them on a single sheet or having each on their own slip of paper.


Fold paper(s) tightly and put in the center of a ring of candles, votives. At 10 of midnight* light your candles and begin energizing your intentions any way that resonates with you, prayer, meditation, contemplation. Continue energizing til 10 after midnight. Then pour a little wax over your paper(s) to seal your intentions.


If you like, you can save these and open them in a year and contemplate how they showed up in your life the previous year.



*this can be done at any time on New Year’s Eve or day, or any day of the year.


• Legal Notice: All content © Debrah Rose 2020 all rights reserved.


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