Finding Gratitude, November 24, 2021

US Thanksgiving 2021🌹🌹As we shift our attention from outward to inward, thoughts of gratitude are forefront. So much has happened collectively and individually over the last 20 months, that gratitude may seem to be in short supply. Look a little deeper, it is there. 🌹Personally, I am so grateful for my two kids they have helped me and continue to help me as much as they can while working full time. I am grateful for my physical body, I have not always been grateful or treated it kindly and yet it endures. I am grateful for my teacher/mentor who shows up and shows me the way. I am grateful for my extended family. While this pup has been so different from any other I have raised/trained I am so grateful for Kayce coming to us during a very dark period for me. Love the lil weirdo. 🌹As a collective we have had glimpses of what it looks like when we set aside ideologies and come together and work to right injustice and support one another. We have also had to look at the very dark, ugly, side of hate, racism, colonialism, and the patriarchy. We can and must do better as a society. 🌹There is hope. So many are leaving the lives they once knew in order to follow their souls path. Sharing their light and work with the world that is not always receptive but they are showing up any way. I am grateful for each and everyone of you. 🌹Thank you to each and everyone of you who reads my posts, comments, and messages me. I am so grateful for the community we are creating. 🌹Debrah RoseNovember 24, 2021🌹🌹 #debrahrose #soul #spirit #empowerment #todaysguidance #higherself #wisdom #stepawayfromtheillusion #gratitude #connectwithyoursoul #evolutionofthesoul #soulwisdom #soulcoach #spirituality

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