Winters Solstice 2016

Winter Solstice 2016

This is my favorite day of the year. I feel the energies of the Solstices’ strongly, and Yule strongest of all.

Today (in the northern hemisphere) we celebrate the return of the sun. As a person that is highly attuned to the seasons and the sun, I always loved this day. The sun that had been in retreat is now making its journey back to us. Shining into areas that were dark.

This is to remind you of the strong energy that is available this day. Indeed the very ‘magic’ in the air, breath it in deeply, to the core of your being. What and where do you wish to use this energy?

Where in your life is your darkness? Where do you want to shine the light of transformation? Today is the day! Use the magic, look into your soul (be prepared this takes strength!) and really look into the shadows, where do you need light? Shine it there! Healing and the fountain of forgiveness flows today. Light turns fears into dust. Once you shine light into your dark places you will see that they can be transformed. Step into your authentic power. Shine your light brightly out in the world, it helps others see their way out of darkness.

Blessed Yule to all, may the magic and the light shine brightly upon all.
Debrah Rose

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