Valentine’s 2017

Valentine’s Day, seems like you either ‘love’ it or hate it. Either it’s overly romanticized or it’s a ‘made up’ holiday that is heavily commercialized.

People get so wrapped up in either feeling sorry for themselves that they don’t have a romantic partner on this day or they have too high of expectations and reality can’t do what movie makers can. It makes me sad that so few people really enjoy this day.

I have always loved this day. I especially enjoyed it when I was in elementary school and we’d decorate our ‘mail’ boxes, then spend time delivering our Valentine’s into our classmates mail boxes. Later I would savor opening each and every Valentine I received.

I have always looked at Valentine’s Day as a Celebration of Love in all its expressions. Instead of narrowly viewing this day as solely for romantic couples, expand out and celebrate all the love you have in your life, from so many different sources. Love from your family, your friends, even your pets – they love you too! Instead of seeing lack, look with new eyes for all the places you have love in your life.

Love is the most powerful energy. It is the energy that we are made of. It is the energy that brings us together. Love is the God/Goddess/Universe/Source energy. It doesn’t get any purer than unconditional love. Don’t you think it is worth celebrating? I do, and I will Celebrate Love!

I still enjoy sending out Valentine’s to all those that I love.

Sending Love Greetings to you all, Debrah Rose

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