Today’s Focus

June 23, 2017
Today’s Focus comes from the Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor. Interpretation by Debrah Rose


Your hard work is about to pay off. The Cornucopia is a symbol of a bountiful harvest. Of having enough to share. The reward for your labor. 

Where ever you focus your attention, whatever you invest your energy in, this is where you will find your cornucopia of abundance. 

Your business could be about to experience a boost in profits, bringing in new clients/customers, expanding into new areas. 

You could experience more love and joy in your life. More friends to share good times with. 

Share your good fortune and abundance with others. 

You are a creator, your words and thoughts give form to what you focus your attention and energy on. Living mindfully and with intention is how you create what you want in your life. 

While this card is upright, meaning fulfillment, be aware that you can also create an abundance of things you don’t want, by focusing your attention and energy on where you perceive lack, where you are in fear. 

Remember, you are creating ALL OF THE TIME. 

Enjoy your abundance of goodness, Debrah Rose

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