Today’s Focus

June 22, 2017
Today’s Focus comes from the Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor. Interpretation by Debrah Rose 

Blossoming Abundance: An auspicious beginning for my first card reading post. 

We in the northern hemisphere have just had our first full day of summer. Many are busy tending their gardens, eagerly awaiting the profit from their labor. This card confirms that indeed abundance is coming your way; perhaps in unexpected ways. As with our gardens, we reap what we sow in life also. 

Abundance isn’t always financial in nature, but when you’re open to these other areas of abundance, financial abundance often follows. 

Being open and receiving is key to being in the flow of abundance. Giving is another key. Give what you wish to receive. Want more love in your life? Give more love. Want more happiness, more friends, more fulfillment out of your life, give all of that to others. Be grateful for all that you have, see the abundance you have in your life right at this very moment. You are a creator, it is within your power to have everything you desire, in abundance! 

May you blossom beautifully today and always. Debrah Rose

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