Today’s Insight

June 28, 2017
Today’s Focus comes from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D Farmer. Interpretation by Debrah Rose 

Cave / Sanctuary 

We all seek it, crave it even. A place where we feel protected, accepted, cared for, loved. A place where we can express our true selves. Where we can share, safely, our creativity, our light of who we truly are. 

Where do make Sanctuary for yourself? Have you considered how important it is, to the core of your being, to create a safe place for yourself? You will wither away, being blown by the shifting winds if you do not have a place where you can let go of all of the faces we show others. 

All of us carry inside of us a sacred and safe place to go into when we connect with our soul. Since we are souls on a physical journey it is important to have a physical sacred space as well as an inner one. 

Creating a sacred place for yourself is as individual as you are. It can be your meditation/prayer space; a place outside where you connect with nature and feel at peace; a place where you can express your creativity. (You can have several sacred spaces) 

Your sacred space will change, flow, and grow with you as you proceed on this journey of life on earth. 

Take time daily to spend in your sacred space, put it in your schedule. You may think you are too busy, too tired, too (fill in the blank). By making it a priority you will find that you’re not too busy, have more energy, have more love and compassion, feel the inter-connectedness of all there is. 

As always, take what resonates with you and discard what does not. 

 * Legal Notice: All content © Debrah Rose 2017 all rights reserved.. 

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