Family Dog – March 6, 2021

Sirius Black Mask Quinn

March 6, 2011 – October 13, 2020

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened…Anatole France

Family Dog / Quinn Remembrance

Family Dog. Everyone knows these words. Some family dogs are the working and hunting companions. Some dogs are the outside pet. Some dogs love one family member best and tolerate the rest. Then there are the rare family dog that truly loves everyone in his family (pack). Quinn was this type.

Quinn had such a big heart (literally even at one point, although that is not what failed him). He loved everyone and everything. But if he considered you part of his pack, he had a special love just for you.

Quinn was truly a family dog. He loved all of us immensely. He would spend time with each of us every day, not because we made him, but because he wanted to, demanded it even, if you weren’t ready for what we came to call “love me Quinn time”.

While many dogs are afraid of going to the vets, Quinn loved his vet, all the techs, staff, and cats that make their home there. He would get truly excited when we told him he was going to the Vets and to see Lisa. Lisa you see, was part of Quinn’s pack. On the day he transitioned, he seen Lisa twice (3 times, but the last one was to verify he passed). The first was at her office and she gave him some shots, while he stayed in his car seat. He was really struggling by then and while I knew death was close, I didn’t realize it was as close as it was.

When we were home about an hour Quinn said he wanted to see Lisa again, so I messaged her and it ended up she could stop after work. Quinn was so happy to see her. Later after he transitioned I asked in meditation why he wanted to see her again, and he said I said good bye to her as my doctor and then I said goodbye to her as my friend.

Quinn knew all the important people in his life by name and would go and find them when asked. He also knew all his toys by name and could find (when he felt like it) the toy you were asking for.

Quinn lived for balls. It verged on obsession. A ball, or favorite toy, was also a pacifier when he wanted to nap. His mouth wide open with the ball in his mouth while he napped. Waking up with ball mouth (dry mouth).

Quinn loved Bark toys. He had many with a few of his favorites being piñata, baby ginger bread boy and moosey moose. We would have Quinn choose which new Bark toy he wanted out of the selection we had bought him. It was funny to watch him look over all of them and then pick one.

Quinn loved bells of all kinds. We had a strap with horse jingle bells on it that we would shake and he would come a running. We put bells on the bottom of the Christmas tree for him to ring. He learned to ring a desk bell for treats. He (when he wasn’t trying to tell you telepathically by staring at you) rang bells hung on the doorknob to go outside. The bell in the Peaky Blinders theme would wake him up from a sound sleep.

Quinn loved packages, he loved to help open them, smell all the smells, play with the packing wrap, popping the bubble wrap. In his mind he felt all packages should be for him.

There were only two things Quinn disliked, wearing a collar and getting his toe nails done.

The first Christmas, Quinn was 9 months old, he wasn’t sure about how to open his presents. That was the only time he was unsure about presents, we had to put his presents high in the tree every Christmas after so he didn’t open them early. Later he had to help open every present whether or not they were for him; and if you were going too slow, he helped sped it up.

Quinn loved flowers, both to smell and eat; roses were a favorite. He went out of his way to smell flowers (fully embodying ‘stop and smell the roses.’)

Quinn enjoyed sitting outside in the evening (in a people chair) and watching the birds, chipmunks, and squirrels. I thought at times he was communicating telepathically with them. Once he was diagnosed terminal, I made sure to take him out every day to sit for a while. I enjoyed those evenings even more, knowing how precious that time was.

Quinn was also very aware of the metaphysical side of life. He loved energy work. Both when I was doing it and when I was having a healing session. He had many healing sessions done by myself and my teacher, and you could watch him sink into it. He liked to sit with me/lay against me when I was meditating.

He always let me know when the spirits were getting out of balance in the house and it needed to be cleared.

Quinn loved my crystals and my oracle/tarot cards. He was with me 99% of the time when I worked with them. Again, just sinking into the positive energies.

Like all pets, he knew when a family member needed extra love and attention, whether they were sick or had a hard day, he was on it, determined to make it better.

Quinn was the smartest, most energetically aware, loving dog that I have ever had the privilege of knowing and sharing life with. I am honored to have been part of his pack. He will remain forever in my heart.


This is what I learned from Quinn: to love everyone unconditionally. Show your loved ones love daily. Find joy in every moment. That even something that has no value can be entertaining and fun to play with. Make time for play. Make time to connect with nature. Always stop to smell flowers.

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  1. He was a precious boy💗 I make sure everyday I show my baby girl that unconditional love. I never for a second take her for granted and I make sure she knows every minute of everyday just how loved she is. Thanks for sharing🤗


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