Christmas 2021


Dearly beloveds, we say to you this day that is a celebration of love and light, that this is a celebration of you! You have come to Gaia at this time to do your greatest work, to give of yourself to the greatest extent. We watch with great interest and the greatest respect as you do this ascension work on Gaia. This is mastery level work and you are succeeding.


Breathe deeply, drawing in the magic of this time, love and acceptance, peace and joy, bring into your heart forgiveness and light. Have gratitude for all of the work that you have done. Sit in this pause and be at peace.


You are never alone dearest beloved. There is a multitude of angels, ascended masters, the greatest of your worlds teachers, all holding you in love and available to support you through all of life’s experiences. Celebrate today and know that you are worth celebrating also.


We are the Beings of Light and we hold you in the greatest respect.


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