Summer Solstice 2017

Summer Solstice 2017

Well Come dear ones, it is with great excitement that we speak with you today. The Summer Solstice is nearing for those in the northern hemisphere and since that is where this one resides, that is what we will be speaking on today.

The summer solstice of 2017 comes with heightened energy that is waiting to be expressed.

This energy is looking for expression, what that expression is, is entirely up to you.  You can use it mindfully, taking this energy and channeling into creative endeavors, moving forward in your inner work, following your soul’s purpose.  Or it can be expressed in an unconscious manner, which will be erratic, hindering whatever plans you may have made.

The energy that is coming through this solstice portal is intense.  It is the solstices that celebrate light in your world, both the longest period of light and the shortest period of light. You are beings that work with light, that work with energy.  Even if you do not “believe” even if you do not understand, even if you are completely unaware that energy is all around you; you are working and creating with energy.

The energy that is coming in at this time is intense; to work with it effectively you need to ground.  You may need to ground several times a day.  The energy that is coming in is a force for creativity, to assist you in bringing in the world you wish to live in.


Ways to work mindfully with the solstice energy:

Ground, ground, ground.  This energy needs to flow; if you are not grounded the energy will build up and be expressed in outbursts.  You may need to ground many times a day.  If not grounded, you can be airy-fairy as they say; not being fully present for what is going on in your life, creating unconsciously.

There are many ways to ground, I find this one easy and effective:

Be a tree, plant your feet firmly on the ground.  Outside barefoot is great but not always practical.  Both feet firmly on the ground, visualize/feel roots coming out of the bottoms of your feet, visualize/feel your body as the trunk of whatever tree speaks to you.  Visualize/feel your arms up in the air, many branches coming out – The branches above, mimicking the roots below.  Visualize/feel the energy moving from the top of your branches, down through your trunk and out through your feet into the root system below; anchoring the energy deep into Gaia.  Feel tension leaving you, feel unrest leaving, confusion leaving flowing out of your feet, down into Gaia to be transmuted. Visualize/feel the energy flowing continuously from above you, through you, and out into Gaia.  Feel the warmth of the summer sun, feel the joy that the birds have singing in your branches.  Sway in the wind, without fear as you are firmly anchored into the earth below.  Welcome any inspiration to come.  Invite in thoughts and ideas of how to use this energy for the next 6 months.  What is it that you want to achieve? Now is the time to make those plans.

Enjoy the energies of the solstice! Debrah Rose 


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